If I get an undergraduate degree in medical science can I become a doctor?

Discussion in 'Access to Medicine' started by Nathasha97, Apr 25, 2015.

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    Hallo everyone.
    I am an italian student who is attending the last year of high school.
    I would like to become a doctor but as I am late with the application I decided to make the admission request to medical science.
    Though I would like to know if after the undergraduate degree in medical science I can become a doctor or not. Actually I want to know if the medical science course is valid as much as the one of medicine and surgery in order to get attend a postgraduate course to become a regular doctor.

    Any information in this regard would be really appreciated.
    Thank you very much.
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    In the UK there are 4 -Year graduate medical courses. Depending on the uni you may need to have a "life sciences" degree as a first degree, but others will allow you to have arts degrees as well.

    A general UK "medical sciences" prior degree would not qualify you medically and the 4-year graduate medical degree is a full medical degree, rather that a mere post graduate "top-up" over a medical science degree.

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