I knwo everyone does this..but should I bother applying?

Discussion in 'Oxford Medical School' started by nat17, Aug 30, 2011.

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    Hi. My school is trying to get me to apply to oxford to study medicine, but I'm not so sure I'm good enough.
    GCSEs: 4 A*s 5 As (should've been 5 A* but more core science coursework was messed up and I wasn't told untill it was too late). This gives me an A* percentage of only 44.44% :/
    AS: A chemistry (over 90%) A Biology, A French, B Physics (am having one paper remarked, as it is only 1 mark off an A and I'm resitting the other paper)
    I'm predicted AAA*A at the end of year 13.
    I sat my UKCAT and got 685 ( I know it's not relevant for oxford, but wanted to use it as an example of the calibre of student I am)
    I Have work experience in a nursing home, volunteering with a local hospital, in a local hospice and have a work experience placement at the large local hospital in september. I also have a work experience placement in a GP surgery in september.

    I'm quite worried, because I don't want to apply if there is no chance of even being considered. If I'm not good enough, please be honest so I can let my school know and pick another university to go to. I really love oxford as a place, I've been a few times now to look around the university, and love the course.
    thank you in advance
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    It's really hard to say - I guess if you're an admissions officer you look at everything laid out in front of you and you choose what stands out.
    I'd advise you try to figure out if you and in the top 50% of applicants using percentiles for A* rating and BMAT as a guide (take a practise BMAT and use an estimation for grade).

    If you don't Make the top 50% look at the rest of your application and what makes you different from other applicants...if nothing stands out then it's probably best not to apply unless you have something that sets you apart from the crowd. If you are in the top 50% then I'd say go for it because they will probably interview you and that will give you a chance to shine.

    I think you need to be as confident as possible going into any application
    - good luck x

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