I have no time to read it. Help me


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Hi guys.

I started reading Physiology by Guyton and Hall, but with time, I couldn't continue with this book because of its size. My question is that is there any smaller book similar to Guyton? and at my stage, should I study from the basis books or the basic books?

Second year medical student.


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I use Vander's Human Physiology...I've never used Guyton and Hall so i'm afraid i cannot do a comparision but for me vanders is the perfect book. Nice clear writing, nice pictures and it seems to answer any questions i have in the one book.

Oh yeah its a good size (well 10th edition is because i've looked at some of the other editions and they look heavy) - but this one fits perfectly into my bag!


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Vander is a brilliant book, I used for my degree but it wasn't medicine, but I was recommended it by med students.


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Moore and Dalley... thats the one we all use here. Its big but you can pair it down and then go back and expand when you need to.



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I'm not entirely sure what you're asking but I think Human Physiology by Bray from The Lecture Notes series is an excellent concise book for physiology.


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I know what you mean about Guyton and Hall, but all in all i think its great - a bit boring to look at etc, but really gets all the relavant info in - no details skimmed over or missed - so you REALLY understand it - but in terms of simplicity for learning i dont know....