i hate the histology


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hi every one
how are you ??

i wanna ask about something

what's the useful of the histology ??

if i wanna be a doctor why am i ganna study these things ??

can any one tell me ?????:confused::confused:


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Exactly. God I hate it so much. I had a spot exam in hist just b4 we broke up for xmas. I don't get the results until we get back in Jan. I have to pass it though if I want to proceed to next year. I think it has relevance to medicine otherwise why would medics be required to do histology. We just have to like it. It's not hard to be honest but it could be frustrating not to be able to discern collagen from elastin on a slide.


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Histology is important for distinguishing between normal tissue and recognising oncogenesis for example. It is boring but its just one of those things...;)


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ayotab thank you and that's nice to see who has same feeling

$ingh thank you for this information
but is it enough to syudy it ?????
ok, so its hard and the pink dots all look the same (i'm simplifying greatly here!)

but its an amazingly simple way to diagnose conditions and perhaps the development of others............take cervical screening for example - where pre-cancerous changes can be detected.

its also used to determine the treatment options in other conditions, for example cancers, if it appears to be histologically invasive etc.

Yone Kyi

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I d say wat a drag to study histology is! at first, i found it hard to get to know how pink and blue spots indicate wat ...bt eventually, i got ...n i found no difficulty to know it..... i believe that d be useful in lab umm, patho for eg.....

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You do like, 1 year of barely any histology.
Then a second year of perhaps 2 lectures max on histology.

Is it *really* that difficult?

Oh, and groundwork for budding pathologists, maybe? Dunno, it bores me to ass, but we've gotta do it

Gizmo says -

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i dunno maca.

there is a chinesy chick who sits next to me who seems to luv it (she goes hahaha goblet cells i see it heeeheehee...i mean wtf?)


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hi everyone who hates histology like me:D
i thought that 'what can we do with those stupid things, purple nucleus or pink cells....' at the beginning of period.but when my course finished i noticed that we must know all the things on microscope..just for the difference between normal cells and cancered cells...;)


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i havnt figured out what histology means to me yet, but i gta say tryna distinguish this cell from that cell, feels kind of like im doing a puzzle......not an entirely bad feeling, but it sucks when i get it wrong.......