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Discussion in 'Mature Students' started by fozzy_68, Jul 17, 2017.

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    Hello people,

    It's been a pretty long time since I last posted on here; maybe 2011/2012. I'm hoping to get some suggestions from people in a similar position to myself or at least honest answers of whether I should stop being delusional.

    I graduated with a higher education diploma in adult nursing in 2009. I didn't achieve amazing GCSEs or A-levels and my A-levels weren't science related. I initially wanted to be a paramedic but then decided to have an epileptic seizure in my college years, blowing that one right out the water :p

    From then, I started to look into Medicine but realised I wasn't a strong candidate to apply and decided on nursing to maintain the healthcare theme.

    After graduation, I studied an advanced clinical examination module at University and was advised to take it at level 7 (masters) as I'd likely do well. I did and scored 80%.

    I applied for the 6 year course at George's at the time, got an interview but was then unsuccessful.
    Then the fees increased and it seemed I was never going to be able to afford medicine on a nurses wage, (GEM) wasn't/isn't an option it seems...

    Anyway- fast forwards... I've studied several degree modules since to allow me to practice as an emergency nurse practitioner (the role of a junior doctor- minor illness/injuries). I have enough credits to make a degree but they're from different Unis and I'm struggling to clump them together to make up...

    I still long for medicine. I am doing pretty well in nursing and have been offered further progression into an advanced practitioner (working towards the registrar rota) but literally EVERY day I am thinking about medicine and feeling so emotional. I don't want to look back in my 40's and regret.

    In summary...I have 8 years experienced as a qualified emergency nurse working as an autonomous practitioner. I don't really meet the entry requirements for most Unis but I'm at that stage again where I'm willing to give it my all.

    I am considering 5/6 years (foundation) but don't know how to best get in. 4 year GEM would be ideal due to funding constraints/ more mature students to work alongside but I'm literally willing to do anything to give things a good go.

    Sorry for the long winded message... Thanks in advance.

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    Hi! I've known some mature students who've had their Alevels 10 years prior to applying to any MedSchool and they got accepted. I remember that after so many years, you can try and re-do some of your Alevels and you could still get in! I know someone who initially studied Psychology, and at 30 decided to go into Medicine. She had to re-sit Bio and Chem Alevels, for which she did a one year course while still working full-time. Obviously she had some work experience as well and some research added to her CV. And that was it. She got into the 5yr course at Glasgow.
    Hope this is somehow useful!
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    Check Plymouth, I think they may accept your qualifications. I got this from their website
    Non-direct school leavers
    The entry requirements set out in this section apply to you if it's more than two years since you completed GCE A levels or equivalent qualifications, or if you are a graduate or if you intend to enrol onto the second year of another degree course.

    Graduate Medical School Admissions Test (GAMSAT)

    Plymouth University Peninsula Schools of Medicine and Dentistry uses the Graduate Medical School Admissions Test (GAMSAT) as the entrance requirement for non-direct school leavers. GAMSAT assesses your academic aptitude for the study of medicine. Results from the test will be used alongside the other information contained on your UCAS form to select non-direct school leavers for interview. The results are valid for 2 years.

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