Ok, totally flunked my histology exam.... Has anyone any study tips or book recommendations? I have Kerr's Atlas but it's beyond uninspiring.


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sparky21 said:
... although they are all mind-numbingly boring...
True-ish, although I find that understanding the physiology (and/or pathophysiology) behind the histology makes it MUCH easier to follow and understand, and makes it a little bit less boring.
But then I just like physiology lots, too.

Will Watson

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I think of Wheaters like an anatomy atlas on the minature scale - it's good for making diagrams and learning to identify different cell types from (because they're pics are 100x better than your slides, guaranteed) but Stevens and Lowe is best for understanding the relationship of structure to function, which makes things a bit easier to learn in my experience.


Cheers guys, this has been very helpful and now there are no histology books left in the library :wink:


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Being at Nottingham, and being taught by Prof Lowe himself, I understandably used "Histology". It is a good book, but Wheater's is also useful.


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The best book is Basic Histology by Carlos and Carneiro. Got it from the library having already forked out for Wheaters...


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That leeds site is amazing. I can honestly say that there is nothing on the course more boring than histology. I reckon they should use it as a general anaesthetic in surgery.

I think Histology is going to be something I look at generally as I flick through the various organs covered. There's loads of hist on my course unfortunately. I think S%L is the best - Looks nice and all.


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yep just to go along and agree with all the stevens and lowe fans...its really good...with lots of pretty pink pictures(who am i trying to kid histology is just yuk)
and the remembering it is impossible...the best thing to do is look at the pictures just before...like quite literally the last half hour before the exams start and pray for a photographic memory :roll:


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well, im seeing histology right now, i dont know for how long you guys see it, but i have to see it for an entire YEAR...
I study by a book call HISTOLOGY BY FINN GENESER, and another one from ROSS, i dont know if those books are in english...but in my university those are the recommended books, the geneser one cause it have some parts of biochemistry, wich BTW drives me crazy...

But its cool... the first time i studied it, it was really horrible... i didnt have idea, and i got 11.5 / 20 on the firs test... but in the last one i got the best calification of my class, 19/20... all you have to do its to find the best way to understand the material... and to study hours and hours...