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Dr Doogie

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Hi all,

Just thought I would introduce myself to any other Kiwis who are attending or hoping to attend medical school.
I am 28 years old, have always wanted to go to Med School but thought I wasnt intelligent enough until I surprised myself by doing well in some Extramural courses a year or two ago. Now the flame is burning again and particularly because I work in an Operating theatre, I can see how much I would love to be a surgeon. (yes despite the long hours of study,little time for a social life for probably the next ten years +)
Was hoping to go to Otago this year and do the HSFY but as I have studied in the past (but not completed any qualifications... or passed any papers for that matter:rolleyes: ) am unable to participate in this course.
But that wont stop me, will probably end up doing a degree in Biomedical Science or try and apply once I have finished my training as a Anesthetic Tech. The Auckland course seems really good and they dont seem to have the same admission criteria for the first year of study that Otago has.

Anyway, maybe there is others out there who may want to chat on this thread or just talk about their experiences with interviews, life during and after med school. The only info I seem to be able to see on the net is usually more to do with US schools and UK (which are great but just not NZ)

Thanks for reading:)