Harvard medical school - request for little help (planing a visit)

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    Hello everyone,

    I'm a medical student from Slovenia. In the beginning of September I plan to visit Harvard (after spending one month in Texas heart institute), to get more information about summer practice, the possibilities of exhange, possibilities of cooperation in studies,... (In some way I'm the ambasador of our faculty, since I'm the first student to go there for the visit). It will be some kind of a "preparatory visit", so I can report at home, what the possibilities are, how the application works, ... And if there would be some opportunities, of cours I would like to go there in the future for a longer time

    I made an appointment in the registrars office. I tried to contact two doctors (contacts I got from our dean). But they don't have time to recieve me.

    So I was hoping to maybe find someone here (students, residents, ...), who could maybe recommend me someone, or have time on their own, to meet me and show me a little peace of Harvard medical school (not clinical practice or labs). And tell me more about the study programme, exchange...

    I know, that medical students, and medical stuff in general is very very busy, under graduate stress, but somehow I hope, there is someone, who maybe has half an hour time, to recieve me, and tell me more about all the things I listed above.

    I would also return the favor, if you ever may visit Slovenia

    Thank you, for reading this rather long post and I hope, someone replys

    Greetings to all of you!:)

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