Graduation and beyond- help needed

Olivier Lenheim

New Member
Many apology if this has been posted before.

Can someone explain to me how MTAS and foundation year training works? I am graduating in two years but after a recent conversation realised that I am still completely ignorant in the whole job application system... So here are few questions I have, any help will be greatly appreciated!

What is the MTAS score based on. I know it used to be split between med school performance and questions, but that is no longer the case?

I understand that you go through a number of rotations (6 is it?) for your FY1/FY2 training, what do you need to do to apply for each post?

Some people have mentioned not accepting the MTAS offer and instead apply through NHS jobs, if there are any delays in getting in (say 6 months) how would that impact on the completion date of the foundation training?

Many thanks!