Graduates: who's applying for 2013 entry?


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If it makes anyone feel better about not getting an interview yet I've just been looking at the previous years 'stalking page' thing on thestudentroom and it appears that the vast majority of graduate applicants are interviewed in January, February, and March.
Every bit of possible reassurance helps at this stage! I just wish they'd send out rejections, or send out the dates, even if they weren't until March. I hate the not being able to plan anything... I ended up paying a fortune for my Christmas flights over to my sister, because I thought I should wait in case I got an interview that week, and I'm paranoid to committing to any work travel in case of conflicts.... Bah! The waiting sucks!


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What is the MMI structure in Aberdeen like? Is there role-play scenarios or just the same old interview questions divided into five stations?

There is not much info in their website!


Well, it's the first year they're doing it and as per usual all interviewees are sworn to secrecy so... if there's nothing on the website about it then I guess you'll just have to go in there blind really!