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    I attended the GRADMED intensive revision course in 2012 and started at SGUL in 2014.
    I am now entering my final year of the graduate programme and have loved the experience.

    I have for sale all of the booklets from the course, all in great condition with some minor highlighting and handwritten notes.

    I also have the ISCMedical medical school interview course booklet included.

    Everything you need to get into the graduate programme!

    GRADMED - Chemistry
    GRADMED - Biology
    GRADMED - Physics
    GRADMED - Written communication section (Sections 1 and 2 of the exam)
    GRADMED - Simulated GAMSAT papers: Section 1 - 4 papers and answers
    Section 3 - 7 papers and answers
    GRADMED - Explanation papers for Section 1 and 2
    GRADMED - Intensive course questions - 2 booklets
    Practice Physics Questions booklet received at the course
    ISC Medical - Medical School Interview Course Booklet

    I was from a non-science background (French Degree) and these resources helped me achieve a 65 overall on the GAMSAT and start out on a career in medicine.

    I am looking for £400 for the whole package.
    I'm London based, but happy to post.

    Happy to answer any questions,



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    Please email me
    I am interested

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