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Hello Friends

I will be very great full if some body can give me an idea what will be the reply from GMC if i apply for my registration based on my situation / if u can guide me what to do ?

To start with i finished my medicine in EU country and i was a non EU citizen while studying medicine and as i finished my degree i moved to UK.
Due to my limitations with visa and registration and financial situation when i moved to UK, i started taking odd jobs and went into my own business .Now its almost 10 years since i graduated and i have British Citizenship .
But in between i went back to India and got my full registration as doctor there and also from last 2 years i am working in Primary care as a HCA to get back into medicine.
So where do i stand with regards to my registration when i say this to GMC??
will they just reject me saying not eligible or will they give me any options ??
Am i eligible to do do PLAB ?

What else i can do to be eligible?

Any thoughts/advice is appreciated.

Thank you


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GMC is quite straightforward when you ask them a question and they are quite helpful. A medical degree is a medical degree. Just take the plab 1 and 2.

being a doctor is worthwhile and forget the delayed that you experienced. What is important is what you do today.