GMC registration, with polish M.D. degree


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Hello all togheter,

I am planning to move to the UK and work there as a physician.
First to the specification:
- Graduated 2017 from a polish university obtained a M.D Diploma
- EU - national
- Working currently in Switzerland as a resident doctor with a Swiss liscence.
- Didnt complete any polish medical state exam nor Internship.

Kindly I would like to know if these qualifications will be enough to obtain a full registration in the UK.
Although on the GMC website it said that for a full registration in the UK i need
- MD Diploma
- FY1 Internship in the UK or the polish medical state exam

I contacted the GMC but unfortunately they just said that they need to see the documents before they can say anything.

Could anyone of you help me further ? or has been in a similar situation as me ?

Thanks in advance