Gap year between F2 and ST1


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I'm currently a 3rd year student. I recently decided that I'd really like to go travelling at some point. The only time I'll be able to afford this will be after graduation and a period working. Between F2 and ST2 seems like a natural break in training to take a year. Will this affect my ST application though? It will be the time when I've saved up enough money to really travel as I'd like. Medicine comes first but travelling is something that I'd really like to do. Any advice would be brilliant. Cheers

PS- I'd rather not work whilst travelling as I want to really take the time to see the world and relax as I havent had this chance since I decided that medicine was for me when I started college!

Haligh Haligh

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The gap after F2 and ST1/GPVTS is THE BEST POSSIBLE TIME TO GO TRAVELLING! All the cool kids do it.
The most common thing is that people take off to Australia/New Zealand and work there partially.

You don't jeopardise your chances of speciality training, providing you can show something worthwhile you did whilst out there ie offer to become an RMO in a hospital somewhere in one of these countries. You will learn new tricks as you go and can do all the awesome fun stuff.

I think its difficult to have a year of pure hedonism because you forget things. For example, straight after finals, I went on a 3+ month elective and set foot in a hospital for all of 90 mins. I spent all summer dicking around and starting work in August was a painful experience. Similarly, if you spend a year just mooching and doing nothing, the worry is that when you accept a job as an SHO, your juniors are going to look to you to make decisions and manage. If you haven't done that in a while, it can be difficult.

Waffling aside, in summary: Yes travel, have a wonderful time, but do it under the thinly veiled disguise of actually 'furthering your career'. Get a job in a hospital, and I am sure, like they did on my elective, they will afford you ample opportunity to forget that you're a doctor. (Incidentally, I am planning to go to South Africa post F2, to do a 6 month clinical research elective and then boat down the River Congo, or something equally as stupid)

Hope that helps?