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    Hi I am 34 years old full time worker in a public hospital. I want to prepare for GMSAT for next March. I am wondering how I gonna pepare for section 1 and 2 and written communication. Is there any practiiced essayes or any materials I should really practice for sevtion 1? I got acer books but rest of them really seems expensive for me. Can anyone give me idea how can I prepare myself or whole GAMSAT including the Science part in low cost please?

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    I used the Griffiths GAMSAT review to prep me.

    That, with the ACER practice questions got me 64 in section 1. Which considering I failed GCSE English, I'm fairly pleased with!

    Section 2 is tricky, as you can't mark if using a book.
    But practicing wring to time the ACER samples and getting a friend to read through them seems the best way.

    I went for the 5 section approach

    Intro and over view 3 key issues/points
    Issue 1, for, against and conclusion
    Issue 2, for, against and conclusion
    Issue 3, for, against and conclusion
    Summary, covering the 3 issues and overall conclusion.

    This got me through it.

    Hope that helps
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