Gamsat without science background...


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Mature student non science back ground

I am a 48 year old father of three very young children and seriously contemplating going into medicine:

Am I crazy to chase my dream when I have a family to support and mortgage to pay?

Will I have any sort of career in medicine given my age - will I actually get a job as GP?

Is there any one else in a similar situation to me out there, in particular, in London who is hoping to take the GAMSAT UK in 2014?

Thank you everyone.

Benjamin Nevis

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Hey guys, I'm also a non-science background applicant, I'm still at university and will be taking the GAMSAT this September, I've got myself the practice papers and I've been brushing up on my organic chemistry and biology.
I was just wondering what is the best way to approach the questions in the practice paper because at the moment all of the stuff i've revised is not coming up in the papers. what should i do?


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Passing the GAMSAT with no science background?

How to pass the GAMSAT?

Need GAMSAT materials for sale?

Need a GAMSAT tutor?

Sorry, I had to include some buzz titles so people would find my post. I am age 32 living in London and sat the March 2018 GAMSAT, achieving 58, 80, 56 (total 62) first time. I thought I would score better on the first section but for a long complex reason I was on no sleep and lots of medication so I think it took me the first hour or two to wake up.

Anyway, in time I will be releasing a full set of notes which took me 6 months and 4 versions to finalise into a concise document which covers section 3. This is a master copy of all the resources that exist drawing upon Des O’Neill, Gamsat guru, Dummies, PassGamsat, Gamsat Wonder, Gradmed, Griffith, Ozimeds, Khan Academy, Acer - in fact, every possible source pretty much. Hence why it took me so long to compile. Anyhow, in the interim I am offering tutoring sessions for a general overview or for Section 2 or for a specific science section.

Section 2 - the essays

I have put together a section 2 document which compiles how to answer the question and then gives a lot of useful titles and tips so you can go away and practice. Very happy to also mark a practice essay you can bring to the session.

General session - Section 1,2,3

This will include a broad introduction to the gamsat, I will share with you some key documents and thoughts on how to approach. Or let me know if there is something specific you want to work on.

I may also be able to share with you some science materials on the day and answer any questions you might have. I basically gave everything other than my job to Gamsat for 9 months so I know most of what there is to know, have used most the resources and understand how overwhelming the task is to prepare, let alone the day itself.

Very happy to answer questions you might have as I found the forums really useful throughout as a source of knowledge and motivation. Trying to now get together the money to pay for the fees!

Stick with it, it can be done. I am not only old :) but I also had not touched science since GCSE 16 years ago…and even then I did not do well.

If you want to book a tutor session drop me a text on 07884405920. Very happy to show you my results on the day as evidence.