GAMSAT/UKCAT preparation material for sale


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Hi all,

I applied to go to medical school as a mature student in 2012/2013. I have a chemistry background and worked in drug manufacture at the time of my application.

I prepared for the UKCAT and GAMSAT exams by attending the Kaplan and Gradmed courses. I ended up scoring a 64 in my GAMSAT exam - which was a good enough score to be interviewed. I did not apply to a UKCAT entry school as I wanted to be on an accelerated degree programme.

I did not attend medical school and withdrew my application shortly after learning my score and instead focused on a postgraduate course in health policy.

Now that I'm at home on maternity leave with my first baby I came across lots of old preparatory and revision material for sale!

I sat the GAMSAT exam in 2012 and have the following full course preparatory materials from Gradmed:

1). Physics
2). Biological science
3). Chemistry
4). 2 mock exams

In addition, I also have a UKCAT preparatory book for sale from Kaplan.

I am happy to sell all material at a reasonable price! Please message me! And feel free to ask any questions!

Thank you!!!


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Hi Has2016 ,

I have been looking for some affordable study material for the GAMSAT, Australia. I was hoping you could give me a quote regarding how much you're looking to sell at. I have already gone through Gold Standard and Medired prep materials, however, I would really appreciate it if you could suggest additional books and sample tests :) Thanks!


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Hi Jonelle,

I have full preparatory material from a course I attended at Gradmed London back in 2012 - this includes physics, chemistry, biology and english essay writing material for GAMSAT.

I also have mock exams (produced by Gradmed) to share too. I found the mock exams really really useful as I got to practice what I'd learnt. These were marked by the revision course team - my essays were marked with written feedback, which was absolutely valuable at the time.

The full revision course at Gradmed was a little more than £3000 and I'd be happy to sell all material for £300 - excluding postage and packaging.

My revision material is not neat and tidy - my revision material is highlighted with markers and I have my hand written notes all over the pages. I'd be happy to share my marked essay questions mock exams for you to read.

I have a number of other helpful material to share with you too - including a reading list to help with the verbal reasoning and essay writing sections of the exam.

PM with your contact details so we could exchange material. Tell me what you'd like me to share with you.

Thank you!