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    Mar 10, 2017
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    I am currently selling a full package GAMSAT materials for £90

    The materials come over 1 GB of learning. I’ve personally use these files to gain a total score of 70 in my examination last year and no longer need these materials.

    Within the package comes the following:

    1) Kaplan
    2) Medprep
    3) Berkley review
    4) Des O’Neil’s
    5) Gradmed materials including presentations
    6) Medired
    7) OziMed papers 1-10
    8) ACER
    9) Petersons MCAT Success
    10) Griffiths Review 2011
    11) Essay writing for section II books such as, Kenneth Minogu "A very short intro to politics - Richard Dowkins "The selfish gene", " - Bill Bryson "A short story of nearly everything"
    12) Prep Genie Test 1-3 full length
    13) Gradmed test
    14) Gold Standard Full Test 2012
    15) Books like: AP Chemistry for Dummies, Biochemistry for Dummies, Organic Chemistry 1 Workbook for Dummies, and much more!!

    I can assure you these materials will most definitely prepare you for the coming up exams. I wish you all the best in your studies, feel free to message me if you require further information.
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    Hi there, was wondering if you are still selling this package..? Also with the Des O'Neil and Medprep, have you got the question papers or the review material?
    Are they all PDF based?
    Let me know..

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