Freshers Week


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Hey everyone. Just got my freshers week magazine through the door today! Just thought i'd start up a thread for freshers week discussions - what events you're going to attend, etc etc. and any queations you might have.

Reading through I started wondering what people are thinking about the balls that are on the go. Are people going to the Freshers Ball, the Medics Ball, both, or neither?!



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Hopefully going to get to as much stuff as possible. Think the radio 1 DJ's should be a laugh, but its the ship wrecked party that sounds most interesting. Never watched the program, just looking forward to a beach themed party!

Oh, and headphone disco. By all accounts its ment to be really wierd but good fun...


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Silent disco's rock! They're great too when it's just everyone with iPods or mp3 players.

Yeah, I'm going to go to the freshers ball and the medics ball. Also gonna do the pub crawl :D
I have to go to Max & OB dj-ing though, just cause half my friends want to come to Dundee for it :p
Yeah freshers week looks sooo good :) hteres so many things to go to though, i cant decide! haha im liking the sound of the free bar after one of the talks in ninewells! was thinking about going to the freshers ball and the medics ball, are they the same day?

also i hope they organise stuff during the day - i dont know a single person in dundee so far!

Hazel xx


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soooo.. Got my freshers pack, and my DUMS survival guide, and its all really exciting except...

Im renting a flat, not staying in halls so i wont have a house full of Instant Friends to go to all the freshers events with (boohoo). Anyone else in a similar situation? or anyone willing to PM me and swop details so we can hook up and party (promise i don't bite!)

Can't wait. See y'all soon

Pip xxx
Phew, thought I was the only one not staying in halls! I'm staying in a UNITE flat at the Old Mill. Am I right in thinking that this is right beside Tay Mills student halls? Anyhoo, I expect it'll be pretty much the same as being in halls except I think that the majority of 1st years staying there are from Abertay rather than Dundee uni.

Och well, we'll just need to wait and see! ;)


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You're pretty much gauranteed to meet new folk in the unions/clubs at freshers week. And with all the medical balls etc going on, i dont think you will miss out too much by not being in flats. Saying that, im in Belmont, flat 5...anyone else?

Anyone know if the age limit to buy drink in off licenses (not pubs/clubs etc, only shops) is actually going up to 21 in september, or is it just certain parts of the country that are trialing it?


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Woo thank god its not just me! I'll be in a flat too, and was semi-stressing about making friends! Glad I'm not the only one!

Can't wait now - its so soon!
See you all there,
Amy X
yeah i hear there is one .. not sure when it is though! i need to go shopping for all these freshers balls :)

i wouldnt worry bout making friends, pip, i think we're all in the same boat! will i PM you details and we can go exploring the union together? iv never really been to dundee .

so when does everyone move into their flats? im moving next sat . i cant beleieve im going to have to cook and clean for myself! aah . im gong to buy a cookbook (or a large quantity of pot noodles) for going . haha !


oh and im pretty sure the drinking age isnt going up yet . dnt think we'll survive first year if it does go up to 21!


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I think only the age for buying alcohol in shops would go up. It would still be 18 for clubs/bars etc. Whatever, it would still suck.

Really starting to look forward to freshers now!
so is there anything much happening on the saturday night? i know freshers weeks doesnt officially start till the monday, so dont really fancy two days of nothing when i get there on sat. i think a trip to the union might be in order, yeah? :D xxx


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I totally agree, although there is always Fat Sams in the town. It's fantastic btw! Little trip to the 24 hour bakery on the way back too (even if I have to walk by my halls to get to it in the first place :p)