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    Books gone now, sorry lovelies.
    Couldn't work out how to delete thread

    Few bits of advice tho

    - Letts A level books and organic chemistry for dummies is plenty. Gradmed course materials prob helpful too. I went on gradmed course as well. But if you've done Letts and dummies, I think you'll be alright.

    - Play to your strengths. As hard as I tried I couldn't get on with physics. Organic chem and bio were my strengths, and other chem was fine, so in the exams I did those questions first then with the left over time I pretty much guessed my way through the physics questions. Luckily that turned out fine! I can't have got a single physics question right...

    - Write about something that strikes a cord, even in a minor way. Don't worry about impressing people, write honestly and from your heart.
    - Practice to time.
    - Take 5 minutes before starting each essay to scribble out an essay plan!! Essential

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