foreigners practicing medicine in nz


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hi. how easy is it for a foreign-trained foreign doctor to practice medicine in nz and posisbly be granted a nz citizenship? i'm a singaporean who will be studying medicine in cambridge. however, i dislike my country and therefore will probably not return to work there, and the nhs in the uk is quite shoddy, so i'll probably rule that out also. after doing a little research, i'm beginning to belive that nz's a great place to live in, but i also need to know whether it would be a feasible place to practice medicine in considering my circumstances. help of any kind, be it in links to websites, advice, etc, will be greatly appreciated!
p.s. about the right of abode, would it apply to me as a commonwealth citizen?


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good idea, go to New Zealand, in fact go anywhere from the UK, with those sort of attitudes you'll be a success anywhere.


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The NHS here in Britain can't be that bad if you're prepared to be trained by it . . .

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Hey gimme a break! I read the thread as it came up on the 'today's posts' page, saw what the person was asking and thought that blog I had been reading might be of some help.


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lol kizdxb, do you have a problem with Dr. Noodle? He's a helpful guy, isn't that the point in these forums? To get advice etc?


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too expensive in the usa, get everything free here! lol. yea maybe not phrased in the best way,