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    I am a United States and a French citizen, but have lived in the US my whole life.

    I have been accepted into medical school in Australia, and I am considering attending.

    However, I have little shot at postgraduate training in Australia due to visa restrictions.

    I wish to do my postgraduate training in the UK, as being a French and EU citizen I have the legal right to live and work in the UK. Am I at any disadvantage being an IMG vs being a UK medical school graduate when it comes to applying for F1 posts?

    I understand that I will have to take and pass PLAB to be eligible, but after that is there any real difference between an Australian IMG and a UK medical graduate?

    I know that in the United States, US medical school graduates have a significant advantage when it comes to applying for postgraduate "residencies" over IMGs. Is the same true in the UK?

    By significant advantage I know that 90%+ of US citizens who are US medical graduates get a residency, and 50%+ of US citizens who are IMGs get a residency.
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