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    I am a British student currently studying Biology at an Ivy league in the US. I am applying for 2017 graduate entry for the UK; my top choice is Oxford but I am very concerned about my chances. I have 4 main questions & any opinions would be a great help!

    1. On the Oxford website their GPA req is 3.5 but I will probably graduate with around a 3.4. Do you think they will take into account how much harder it is to have a higher GPA at an Ivy? There is no official conversions, but most universities use the conversion of 3.3 GPA to a 2:1.

    2. Additionally, my A-Levels weren't great (A bio; B math; B german; C chem), because I was too focused on US applications in year 13 (my AS Levels were all around 100%/high As). Will they cut me based on this/should I include my AS results separately as evidence of my competency or just bring it up at an interview?

    3. I am considering retaking my chemistry a-level in my senior year (2016-2017) do you think this would help? (This would require little/no extra work as I have already taken chemistry classes, which surpass A-Level knowledge, as part of my degree)

    4. I applied 3 years ago and got accepted at Manchester & Sheffield and rejected from Edinburgh (without interview), but chose the US instead. I took the UKCAT 3 years ago and got 740 without prep, so would hope to get better than this next year & have a lot of work experience, but with all these other factors hindering my app is it worth even applying to Oxbridge/GED at all? Should I mainly apply to the 5 year courses?


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