Emigrate to NZ BEFORE entering into Med School....


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Hey all,

I`ve always thought of emigrating to NZ, as I see it almost like an amplified version of the UK with some added bonuses thrown in for good measure. But I`m unclear as to the best way of doing this.

Do I go BEFORE medical school? Enter as an international student to do the HSFY and then the MBChB?

Or is it easier to do the course in the UK and then make my way over afterwards? But I think I`d have to do some sort of a conversion course if I do it this way around?

Any info would be greatly appreciated,




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Umm.. my reply's a bit late but had you considered the enormous expense of studying abroad? They won't let you in for free and you won't get a loan either (s'far as I know).
I would look up n see if NZ is short of doctors like Australia is, and if so, are they doing anything about it like the UK has done?

If they're short on docs, I would make this ur plan:
- Study here using student loan
- Flee to NZ consequently never paying student debt (oh yes you can)
- Get job in NZ relatively easily cos they're short on staff (albeit after your degree, your foundation years, and mebbe a coupla years after that to make yourself presentable)
- Live the good life. (watching the rest of the world succumb to rising sea levels)

If they have enough doctors (and NZ is kinda perfect like that) and you have buckets of cash to spend on tuition you may have to study there if you want to get a job there later on.
I know this stuff a little cos I have Aussie Citizenship n its one of my (potential) dastardly schemes. :)