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Discussion in 'Personal Statements and UCAS forms' started by nattoborek, Oct 12, 2014.

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    I'm filling my UCAS form and thinking about including information about UKCAT test. Should I add the centre, where I've taken the test to the section Education? I read somewhere that there' s no need to include results form UKCAT test, the results will be sent by Pearson VUE directly to the chosen universities. Is it true or should I include my results in any section?
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    In theory there is no need to add the, as they are meant to be passed through. However it doesn't always work, so many people include them, to be sure.

    Over my years on here, I've heard of two cases where it didn't work. One found out when the Uni contacted him to query if he had taken it, as the could see it in his results section, but said they weren't notified by Pearson. He gave the the test centre details and it was all fine.

    The another one didn't find out till after he was rejected. However, as it was almost by reply, and way before they normally sent out rejections. So he did quiry it and it was fixed. But he did have several sleepless nights in the meanwhile...

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