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I got a kindle for my birthday, along with some amazon vouchers. Before I squander said vouchers on frivolous novels I won't have time to read, does anyone have any recommendations for good general medical textbooks that are available as ebooks? There doesn't seem to be a great range and the only one I really recognise is Kumar and Clark.

I'm early on in my degree, but want things that will still be useful going into clinical placements...

Any thoughts greatly appreciated!


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Both the textbooks I bought for kindle I have replaced with hardcopies - I've found kindle to be much less readable for texts.

I bought Boron and Kumar and Clark on kindle and replaced with hard copies of Silverthorn and Davidsons. I've not looked at the kindle ones since. Try and buy a single book and see how you get on before you go nuts with your vouchers. Kindle on iPad was marginally better than the eInk kindle