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no greys is not on the list!! i already having brought that one too. it says the clinically orientated anat. boo hoo i hope it doesnt matter because i like my one!

Clinically Oriented Anatomy? cool, it seems we got an upgrade :] Last year it was essential clinical anatomy, which is half the size of COA, but apparently it's not even half as good teaching-wise (funny, that, since they both have the same author :p )

Oh my, I still have to wait for at least 3 weeks for my 'welcome pack' (only if I pass the chemistry course, that is..) ; but the golfing and sport events sound groovy ;D
I don't think they'd launch in Grey's Anatomy for essential 1st year stuff, it's a tad complicated! Lets not have periods over it though haha :)

There is a book there in the list, co-written by BH Smith, he's a lecturer at Aberdeen, he lectures GP stuff. That's the useless fact of the day!


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Ok I'll see your useless fact of the day and raise by my useless fact, coming up:

Grey's Anatomy comes in two versions, for students and the 'original'. The students' version is a standard reading for physiotherapy, nursing and sport science students... it's quite easy on the reader, to be frank :) The other one is a true encyclopedia of knowledge, though..

One way or the other, no-one's going to expect us to know it all... or are they? :confused:
I'll see your useless fact of the day...Humans and lemurs are the only species that can have blue eyes as an adult.

No, no way, there's too much OTHER stuff to learn like drugs and how to look cool in your coat and how to strut on a ward and things. No way enough room for the encylopaedia.

I think everyone might be getting a bit worked up a bit too early. Fair enough when it's 5 hours till the exam :)


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I just got my results through on the e-registration and I'm in!!!!!
I have been trying to log in to that all week. Thank you so much for the tip, I have been so stressed all week and it is nice to get them a day early.


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Thanks!! So excited now, I can't wait to start and meet you all. Its going to be so great! I think I will have to steal your ticker idea Elz and update mine.


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hey, does anyone know how to change your information on eResgistration after you have completed that section. for the fianance section i said i an liable to pay my fees but theyr being paid by SAAS. now its asking for the first payment sand i can't complete the registration. help!!


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yea i changed mine a few times. i think it says on the section - 'if this information is not correct...' and so u do whatever it says, but basically u have to send the new information to the financial admin people and they have to change it on the system for u. u cant complete the e-reg until theyv changed it and uv ok-d it.
Go natamac! Wont this be a jolly little clique when we all meet in...19 days time. Jesus, 19 days. 456 hours. 27,360 minutes. 1,641,600 seconds.

You get my drift I think.

I wonder if anyone got their gender wrong when e-registering?...That would be amusing, maybe I did...crap...meh...they wont care.

Eilidh McIntyre

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Haha 19 days! That's ridiculous! It is going to be weird though. Suddenly the nmm crew will have faces instead of funny names on computer screens, hehe :p
Everyone knows what my face looks like, my picture is a real life picture of me, I thought everyone would realise that?

I have a congenital disorder - Smiley Smurfism. 1 in 5,771,041,839 apparently.

As for everyone else, yes it will be strange. We will probably know each other's drunk faces before the sober faces :)


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Thanks for the congrats!!
However, I don't look much like a dancing pikachu. Maybe we should wear badges or something with our nmm usernames and avatars on. Would make forming the clique easier lol
Good idea. However, I'm a bit hesitant about wandering around people I dont know with a badge which, at a glance, says testicles. That will create rumours about me. As for everyone else, it's a good idea natamac has put together :)

I'm bored of where I live now. Can we fast forward?

Eilidh McIntyre

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At least somebody will be easy to spot then. Yay.

Hmm... i think i have a slightly odd drunk face. You know when your a little tipsy, and someone pulls out a camera? Well i seem to make this face that i think looks reeeeally sexy at the time. But really really REALLY doesn't. Hah.

But yes, i agree, drunk faces first. I reckon the mystery tour will be great fun when we are all a little rough. No wonder they make it compulsary.


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oh gawd drunk faces.... its always that drunk 'pout' or complete cheeser... *shudder*

we're going to look sooo rough on the 29th of september...

yay I get to start freshers week early cos i'm already in Aberdeen and the RGU freshers' week is the week before! i really feel for my poor liver