Diagnostic Radiographer - Progression into Medicine (Radiology)


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Hi all,

I am a student diagnostic radiographer and I am looking for information/case studies about individuals who have successfully enrolled in a medicine GEM entry course with a background in radiography. I have been struggling to find information on the topic.

I have a good science background but had to leave my last degree due to medical reasons. As a result I have obtained a CertHE in Medicinal and Biological Chemistry. I have looked at GAMSAT papers and I believe that the knowledge gained from my last degree would be of value. I also have a few years experience as a healthcare assistant. I hope to work for a few years as a radiographer once I qualify to gain more experience with patients etc.

I find radiology extremely interesting and I love the element of patient care too. I feel like with my science background and a few more years experience in healthcare under my belt that I would be a good candidate as a future medic. Is there anything else I could possibly do in the meantime to help make my future application stronger?

Any useful information from radiologists/medics who started their career progression as a radiographer or another allied health profession would be of great assistance.

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The fact you have a relevant degree will help you apply for any graduate pathway. You also my find that other branches of medicine appeal, so don't limit yourself to just radiology.

Ben goddard

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I am also interested in doing the same thing and i am wondering how or if you carried out your plans and if you could give me any information that would help to achieve the same goal?