Decisions Out Within 2 Weeks???


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pinkxie said:
I think we should all sit in a circle and hold hands til we hear from them!
yeah,come everybody...lets go to the aberdeen`s admission office..sit right in front of the door.... and do this!
-tired of this waiting game-


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Yuck! He is bogging!!!! What a creepy guy. I don't know if doing that outside the admissions office would give them the right impression of us (even if it may be accurate ;) )


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Hehe, that's funny. Not very 'me' though! We could all sit around a lil campfire and sing kumbayah?! That'd be a little less in yer face :p


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I really would quite love a big juicy offer from Aberdeen
Realistically; as much as I'd kill to go to London, I donno if I can afford it now - however
oh who knows


Gareth L

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Interview watch update, they were still interviewing whole hordes of you guys today (22nd), sheesh does it ever end. Post-grads were being shown around today as well, think they may do them in one go. Read into this what you ant. Best of luck - you guys got me nervous now!



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no no on my interview day there was a biomedical science graduate!
can't believe they're still going full steam ahead with the oul interviews
Keep an eye out for us!!


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Yeah i think there was a graduate on my interview day back in December too...
This whole interviewing thing is all starting to seem quite ridiculous now! :rolleyes:


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how many apply if they interview 1000
you must need to be a real no-hoper if you get rejected without interview
*cringes at the thought of ppl being out there that didnt get an interview*


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i was told at the open day that they interview all applicants with AAAAB or higher automatically, so if u got the minimum grades you were guaranteed an interview. This is slightly worrying as having an interview doesn't really show how well your personal statement has done. I hat the waiting as well, Aberdeen was the first to contact me, the first uni i went to for an interview way back in November, and yet it is the only one I'm waiting on getting back to me!!! Surely this can be classed as cruelty if I get rejected after all this! I am, however, glad to have found this website early on in the admissions cycle or else I would have almost certainly gone mad. Maybe they will be up alll night making decisions and we willl find out tomorrow. Wishful thinking....


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Aberdeen contacted me within 2 weeks of my form going away abotu an interview
gave me 3 months notice
and sent me a christmas card!!

now im just...waiting
my last reply to get !


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i'm getting seriously worried about your health wannado! lol aberdeen would be mad not to give you an offer! seems like you literally love the place!
all the best x.


SmileyDrMatt said:
(Well done werlop dude - I'm rather jealous of you indeed lol - seriously, congratualtions)
Thanks, I feel a bit guilty having an offer from Aberdeen which I'm not going to use and all you lot desperately waiting to hear from there. I seriously wish you the best of luck and best wishes!