CORE SURGICAL TRAINING- is my CV strong enough?



Just wanted some advice. I am looking to apply for Core Surgical training in 2012. I know how competitive it is, and I just wanted some advice regarding what I could do to strengthen my application further. In a nutshell my CV:

QUALIFICATIONS: MBBS, Intercalated BSc Physiology, MRCS Part A (Sept 2011)
PUBLICATIONS: 1 publication (1st author), a further accepted (1st author) but in the process of publication at present
PRESENTATIONS: 3 International Posters (first author for 2 of them) and 1 national oral presentation (1st author)
AUDIT: Led a 4 cycle audit (closed loop + further reaudit)
COURSES: ILS, ALERTS, Basic Surgical Skills, ATLS, ALS (to be done, but after application window)

Is there anything else I can do to further boost my CV? And also, from anyone who is a surgical trainee, how does my CV compare to the average applicant? (Speaking to my peers I would say I'm averagely placed in terms of application strength). Also, all my publications/presentations are ENT based (this is what I want to do in the future), do you think this will disadvantage me with respect to getting a core surgical training post?

Any help appreciated.



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CST applications


I'm applying for next year's cst.
Just in preparation for next year, what do the average CVs of applicants who get accepted into London, Oxford, KSS deaneries look like in terms of publications, abstracts, audits, courses, surgical logbook numbers etc..

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