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Clinical Skills Online Workshop - Very Good

Go to They have an online workshop for clinical skills that is based on their template. It's all you need to pass the exam.


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Clinical Teaching Videos

I've used this site, since my Med School has some of their clinical skills DVDs in their library, but recently, they have added a whole section of clips of physical signs and conditions.
It's for subscription, but the transcripts and MCQ tests can be accessed just by registering (free), and there is a free clip of the week too.
Have a look
Medi-Vision Medical Signs Online   Rash of dengue fever
The physical signs clips are great, some stuff you are only ever going to read about in textbooks, until, of course it walks through your door.
All the classic heart murmurs, great infectious diseases stuff, rashes, neurology, the list goes on.


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Thanks BoSee, I took a look at the site you recommended. I thought it was great, so I subscribed to the site. It was a great help on a subject I'm writing about, - Tetanus. Thanks again, keep the recommendations coming!!!!!
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thanks i also need such websites ,, clinical examintion is very important in passing medical examinatio,..
any more will be very hepful,
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