Chances of a Canadian Undergrad


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Hi all,

I'm a Canadian undergrad who's interested in applying next cycle during my final year of undergrad. I'm thinking of applying to the five year programs at Birmingham, Bristol, Kings College, and East Anglia. I've emailed the schools regarding my qualifications and I think that I should be eligible to apply to them.

However, I don't really know what a competitive UK medical candidate (especially one who's an international graduate) looks like in terms of GPA and extracurriculars. So here are my stats below:

IB diploma: 36 points (Graduated 2012)
GPA (predicted at time of application): 82-83% (using OMSAS, this comes about to about a 3.6 GPA)

  • Research: 1 term research lab + 50 hours of volunteering in the same spinal cord injury lab, 1 honours thesis (currently), 1 international conference presentation on a topic relating to climate change + still working on publishing this, 1 year in a psychology lab as a volunteer RA
  • Hospital: volunteering for the past 7 months at walk in clinics aimed at young infants and toddlers, hoping to do more in the new year
  • Volunteer: Been hosting a cancer fundraiser for the past 3 years, will start working with refugees in the new year, Sustainability coordinator of my club for the past two years
Any feedback, advice, etc. would be much appreciated!