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career inspiration...?

Discussion in 'Medical Specialties & Careers Advice' started by northerndoc, Sep 21, 2014.

  1. northerndoc

    northerndoc New Member

    Sep 21, 2014
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    i realise there's a lot of these types of posts so i apologise if this seems rather mundane
    i'm just having some issues deciding what specialties i ought to consider and was wondering if others could provide any thoughts, tales from experience etc to help in my decision making

    i just graduated as a doctor in the UK and am working in my first post in a medical job (elderly)
    i always thought i wanted to do surgery and still am interested in the work of surgeons and the acute care of patients however during some experiences of theatre in the past i have been left daydreaming a bit. whilst i realise the role of consultant/registrar doing the operating will differ from that of student/junior assisting/daydreaming i somehow don't know if i have the spark of passion for surgery i thought i had whilst getting publications, intercalating etc etc

    so what about medicine. i'm really not sure. i find the idea (and experience) of all day ward rounds and tinkering with drug regimens of long term patients in elderly care to be very tedious.

    My personality type is ISFP (or thereabouts)
    I enjoy thinking about management plans and diagnosis but get bored when things become too chronic with no real tangible day to day change
    I find acute care interesting but am quite nervy and am not a natural leader in emergencies!

    Some things I've enjoyed:
    - clerking patients and discussing them with seniors
    - the buzz when practical procedures go well e.g. cannulation, bloods, ABGs etc
    - learning good clinical examination skills
    - academia and reading research papers / listening to people really interested in their field

    Some things I haven't enjoyed as much:
    - long ward rounds where little changes
    - learning about different drugs
    - feeling rushed / unable to work logically and methodically over problems
    - poorly defined, multi-factorial presentations

    a big part of my dilemma is that i can see good in every specialty i've come across and am remarkably fickle!

    i realise that, having never met me, this is pretty far fetched but was wondering if, given the above, anyone has any thoughts as to what sort of specialties might be a good fit to investigate? out of interest as much as anything!

    any thoughts would be great!
  2. Martigan

    Martigan Super Moderator

    Mar 24, 2009
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    As I'm two years behind you, I'm hardly the best source of advice.

    But EM does sound to fit from what you have said. The leadership element will come with knowledge and experience, so not an issue now...

    That's my 2p's worth.
  3. Clarkey

    Clarkey I have girl bits ok? :)

    Jul 4, 2003
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    Why don't you do a taster week in some specialties? You've only just started F1 and I know the system makes you feel like you need to choose straightaway, you don't. I took a year out post F2 because I wasn't sure. Having just started specialty training there are only 2 people in my cohort who went straight into specialty training.

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