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Discussion in 'Cardiff Medical School' started by Kyl, Feb 1, 2012.

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    Hey guys,
    I'm looking at Cardiff medicine 2013 entry. Can anybody advise me on the entry requirements? I have a degree already - would I need to meet the undergrad entry requirements or do Cardiff look for another entry exam (eg GAMSAT)

    I have ok a levels and GCSEs but they don't quite meet those the uni expect (ABBb and 2A*7AB). I have no science A Levels either but am happy to work on these this year. Would this suffice do you think?

    Also funding - would I be eligible to apply for the Cardiff bursary as I currently live in one of their "Communities First" areas? Hopefully if I can apply it'll make university a little more affordable lol

    Thank you in advance for your help x
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    Hi Kyl, don't have the answers to all your questions but hopefully what I've gleaned from applying there before can help.

    Entrance exam wise it's UKCAT, not GAMSAT. Not quite sure how they use it (when I applied for 2010 entry it was used to distinguish between applicants with similar scores, not sure if this is pre or post interview though). They score graduate applicants on the same lines that they score school leavers - everyone's GCSEs, A levels etc. are given a score according to grade and then applicants are ranked according to the academics score and the top are selected for interview. No bonus points for degrees unfortunately. I can't remember whether they specify science subjects, check their admissions policy on their website.

    To give you an idea, I got rejected straight off because my academics weren't good enough. I've got 2 B's, 6 A's and 1 A* at GCSE, B in AS level english, AAB at A level (inc. bio + chem) and a 2:1. In this day and age where every school leaver has a billion A* grades to their name us oldies can't always compete :)
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    I only wish it WAS an exact science! Strictly speaking, going off the academic criteria, I shouldn't stand a chance, however I've been offered a place, and I assume on the waiting list for Swansea as I neither have an offer or rejection post-interview.

    Grades? they're a mixed bag, and taken before the days of A*'s.
    8A's, 1B GCSE, B Biology and E physics at A level, 1st in Environmental Science.

    I basically made bad choices while doing my A levels, and addressed this in my personal statement, and stated how I wanted to rectify it with my degree classification. Not only that, I added my transcript to my UCAS form so that they could see the amount of the sciences that were in the degree and my individual grades achieved.

    I also have a lot of varied experience wich would clearly help. Maybe acknowledging shortfalls and counteracting them helped me out? The thing that always amuses me is that when I phoned Admissions, they said that Chemistry A level was essential, regardless of my degree!!!! I decided to apply as I had an application going into Swansea anyway and so I had nothing to lose - just as well. The point is, if you dont ask, you dont get. Just try to think like an assessor and address weaknesses in your application.

    Good luck

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