Can I start the GAMSAT prep. now for Sept. and do well or not bother?

Can I study the GAMSAT materials now, with no science since GCSE till September sitting?

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Hi guys - I am new, so please be patient with me! I signed up 10 mins ago! :)

I want to sit the GAMSAT for September 2019 to enter for 2020 (in my dreams) and I am only just starting to prepare... I have no science background, can this be done or should I not waste my money and wait? I have decent materials, have spent money on that and getting overwhelmed with all of this.

I am starting my PGCE this September (it is my back up career, in case) so rather get the GAMSAT out the way this year. Otherwise, it will be a crazy year.

My degree is in English and I still struggled with section 1 :(


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Definitely do the GAMSAT. I have a chemistry background and managed it with about 1.5 months prep. You can definitely prepare in 4 months from scratch depending on how hard you work. The exam is more logical reasoning than factual recall. But only you know yourself, so you need to decide how much time you think you need to get your head around the material. I recommend using Griffith's gamsat guide to give you a direction to learn in, and use cheap a-level text books to revise content.

I did both UKCAT and GAMSAT and got 4 interviews and 3 offers (2 from gamsat unis, 1 ukcat uni). GAMSAT results last 2 years too so it is worth it if you're serious about medicine. I may end up taking my UKCAT uni offer, but i do not regret doing the GAMSAT because i feel it has helped me prepare for the rigour of a medical degree


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The only way you're going to know where you stand is by giving it a try.

You can do some other online GAMSAT practice exams that give you a rough score.

I know that Fraser's GAMSAT has one on their website and I think if you register on AceGAMSAT you can get one as well, although the questions are easier.