Calling all BSMS medics : yr 1-5- medical book sale

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    Hi , I graduated at BSMS 2 years ago and am selling an extensive range of medical text books which I used throughout the course- (most of which are in excellent condition, many which I bought new & are still in 'new' condition)

    You can have the lot for £350 ono (50-60 books) or just the Crash Course/Master medicine sets/OSCE&MCQ final books , or as individual texts (£5-20 per book)- although would prefer to sell in bulk..

    For more info-
    **Crash Course (v. useful!!) - (7 separate books, 2/3rd editions) - can sell separately or as a set
    Crash Course in G.I. system/Resp system/Nervous system/Pharmacology/Metabolism & Nutrition/General medicine/Immunology& Haematology.
    - Crash Course 'Self assessment in medicine & surgery' , Sharma, 2009

    **Master Medicine- (5 separate books, 2nd editions)- - can sell separately or as a set of 5 (£12 each)
    - Master Medicine 'Paediatrics', 'Medicine', 'Obs& Gynae', Medical Biochem', 'Psychiatry'
    - Master Medicine (2 separate books, 3rd editions)- can sell as above. 'Physiology' 'Medical Pharmacology'

    ** ' Medicine at A glance' The Ultimate Revision Guide, 3rd edition, Davey, 2010.

    For EMQ's/ OSCEs' ;

    -OSCE's at a Glance- Blundell & Harrison (2009, bought new/unmarked)
    -EMQ's for Medical Students (PasTest) Vol 1 & Vol 2 , EMQ's for Med Students Practice papers Vol 3 (both 2nd edition)
    - Get Ahead Medicine ; 150 EMQ's for finals , RSM Press, Capewell & Shantikumar (2010)
    -PasTest Mnemonics for Medcial Undergraduates- Yousaf & Chaudhry
    -MasterPass 'The Easy Guide to OSCE's for Specialities' , 'The Easy Guide to OSCE's for Final Year Medical students' Akunjee at al.
    -Master Pass EMQ's in Obs & Gynae, Akkad et al
    -MasterPass 'Essential Notes for Medical & surgical Finals' Sritharan et al , 2008 (bought new, unmarked)
    -Clinical Skills for OSCE's (3rd edition) Neel Burton, 2009.
    -EMQ's & OSCE's for Psychiatry Finals (Iwata et al) , 2008

    Psychiatry ;
    -'Psychiatry at a glance' (4th edition) Katona et al, 2008
    '-Rapid Psychiatry' Hibbert et al (bought new, unmarked, 2009)
    --EMQ's & OSCE's for Psychiatry Finals (Iwata et al) , 2008

    Rapid Paeds & Child health (2004), Rapid Obs & Gynae (2003)
    Paediatrics At a Glance 92nd edition) Miall et al. 2007.

    I also have many more general Pharmacology/Anatomy/Neuroscience/Clinical Medicine (Kumar& Clark), Physiology books- these vary in age from 1990-2010 & are very useful in Access to Medicine courses/pre-med courses or back ground reading.

    I no longer require these reading materials & would like to pass them on to those aspiring to become future doctors who may be on a limited budget- grab it while you can! (otherwise they are going on amazon/ebay for current RRP's)

    Please contact me by email ( if you are interested & I can give you more info on collection (cash on collection) - live locally within the Brighton/East Sussex area.

    All the best for the new year!
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