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BSMS Interview Advice

Discussion in 'Brighton and Sussex Medical School' started by LittleNik, Jan 28, 2008.

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    May 25, 2004
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    Hi all,

    I have been getting a ton of messages from people asking for advice for their upcoming interviews. I have started sending out the same reply to people, regrettably, but I just don't have time to answer everyone uniquely (despite having a very boring job!)!! I really don't mind answering any questions people have, but I thought it might be helpful and more efficient for me to post a modified edition of my standard email response here!


    I think the easiest interview you will get is with BSMS. They are not snobby, grumpy or pretentious, they smile at you and make you feel at ease!

    I had 3 people interview me. The first thing they asked was the old "why medicine?" question. From there they just went through some questions to do with my work and my work experience - think about every aspect of your work experience, what you learned and what stood out, so you will be able to answer their questions. Don't worry about a question to ask at the end too much, they tell you you don't need to do that. They might also ask you about an interesting topic in medicine to brielfy chat about - a good thing to remember is not to dig holes for yourself that you can't fill! I.e don't start talking about Gene Therapy if you don't know anything about it! Not that they expect you to go into much detail at all.


    GRADS: My overriding feeling is that they are interviewing you because you meet all of the requirements and therefore you're as good as in really - all they want to see is that you are a nice, confident person who can communicate well. As a grad, you will find this MUCH easier than an undergrad. So, just go in really positive, smile, be confident, look at people as you talk to them (look at the others too not just the one who's question you're answering) and you will be just fine.

    UNDERGRADS: As above for the most part! Be as confident as you can. They are not going to be expecting miracles from you - your knowledge of science and medicine is expected to be basic. Have a recent medicine news story that you know inside out at the ready - don't choose something that you can't elaborate on or you'll dig a hole that you can't get out of! Obesity is probably the easiest thing.

    Finally, I heard some people got asked why 1948 is an important year. Incase you don't know its the year the NHS was born :D

    Hope that helps!
    Nik x

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