Books for first year dental students


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Glad you started this, I was wondering the same thing! I have been toled that the two Oxford handbook of Clinical Dentistry and, Oxford Handbook of Applied Dental Science are good ones to have,

Any other offers?



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Hi Jambo

I know about these two, the other one is Dental Morphology i think, I'll try to find out more maybe from my boss:)



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Hey Guy's, I'm joining the brand new peninsular dental school this year. Finally got there. Anyway, it's probably best to ask your school
if you're going to buy the books before you go. We've been given a list of book we need before we get there, but with most schools
the lecturers will probably advise you to get certain books. Though the best way I find is to discover which ones you will use the most
over the first few weeks and then get those. All the rest you can access from the library anyway. If you want a couple of the texts
Peninsular have given us to read let me know. Otherwise I hope this helps. Chris


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well if any help from you. I also needed it but could not find the right things to look for., bấm mí ở đâu đẹp? Thank you