Bad University. Good course.


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i'm afraid i can't agree with you on pjs (that will probably change when i attempt to live on a student budget). there good but just not in the same league as innocent.
And I agree totally!
PJs are not bad, either (although u feel the difference in quality instantly)
I meant that they're not as good as Innocent.. hence I'm choosing the lesser Evil - drinking 'inferior' smoothies over not drinking smoothies at all :(

Gizmo - Amen to that, the path of life indeed takes us over some asphalt irregularities. But the land of the smooth(ies) awaits, so let's not lose hope :p

Good luck with juicy chemistry, Eilidh :)
Is anyone else potentially turned off by going to Aberdeen since all of the other courses except for Law and Medicine are CCC-at-A-level subjects? I just need an opinion, because the medical course and facilities are great, but the people who aren't studying medicine are... HM.

Eilidh McIntyre

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AbdnGradPL - ahhhh i understand. can you tell i'm half asleep? back to school tomorrow and the 20 hour investiagtion is dues in. i've done a page and a half. shit. haha and i am on here again when i should be doing it! ok, i am going to switch of my computer and just get it over with :( good luck with your dissertation!

p.s i have innocent smoothies in the fridge and coffee on tap so i should be fine


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Coffee is the drink of doctors.

I was on work experience with a guy who ha djust come off like a 23hour shift in A+E and the only thing he wanted was a cup of coffee, he didnt mind the lack of sleep or anything. As long as he had a good cup of joe he was fine.

i look forward to it.


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I totally agree. When my dad was doing his specialty training he had shifts that started at noon, continued throughout the night and finish the at noon the other day I guess coffee helped. I like the taste of coffee and I like the idea of something keeping you awake at night, but the for some reason I'm caffeine intolerant :/

And as for being kept awake all night - I did this study for my thesis where ppl were sleep deprived for 30 hours - we all looked like ghosts and couldn't focus on a single thing in the morning. Coffee was not allowed throughout this experiment. So I guess I have my first night shifts to look forward to :/ Darn. It's good I'm getting used to sleep restriction almost every night these days due to highly irregular sleep/wake patterns ;)


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Haha, thankfully i have had experience of night shifts at the care home that i work at and they arent so bad.

You only need a few hours sleep to regroup after one really.

The feeling of being awake when everyone else is sleeping is a bit weird though. You always seem to keep quiet, even though you dont need to. haha


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I regulary get through nightshift, did one last night, and I dont drink coffee. Its actually not too bad! Although I did get a 1 1/2 hour sleep break! But they are something you definately need to get used!!


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hmmm and as for coffee i'm afraid i live off the stuff. i think my starbucks habit is another thing that is going to suffer in september.
Same here! I'm trying to persuade my parents to put their contribution to my uni fund on a starbucks card, cos it'll just go in that direction anyway, but so far no luck...


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Aye, one of my mates is sacrificing his social life and sports memberships because he's low on money, but buys starbucks every day :S