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Got a UCAT of 2310 band 2 which is pretty bad so just wondering if i have a chance? Really wanted to go Manchester but don’t think this is possible but anywhere else that might take me ?


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Hi, Sorry to hear about the result. I think there are still options available so don't lose hope! On the Manchester UCAT page, they say if you have a bad score, you could still apply:

What if my score does not meet the threshold?
We recognise that everyone has a different set of skills. If your UCAT does not fall within the top third of results nationally then we will include it as part of a holistic assessment using all the information available to us to arrive at a decision (for example, GCSE grades, A-level profile, additional qualifications, NAI form etc). We expect to invite 500-600 applicants to interview on this selection route.

You could look at which universities don't use UCAT and take the BMAT instead -

You could also look at retaking the test next year:

Your score from one year will not affect your chances of re-applying in later years, as each application is considered afresh.
Some universities have previously only used UCAT as a small part of how they rank applicants. Not sure if things have changed recently so worth talking to the ones you are interested in. You might need to look on the websites of each Uni for up-to-date details.

Good luck!