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    I'm an int'l applicant considering AU for medicine undergraduate; which means that I will have to sit that ISAT and IELTS.

    Right now, the options available to me are James Cook, Adelaide (not sure what prerequisites they require yet), UNSW, Monash, Bond, Western Australia, Western Sydney, Tasmania.

    To those who study at any of the above univerisites, what is it like?

    Medicine is a competitive course, but are there any relatively 'safe' universities in AU that offer medicine?

    Also, I'd appreciate it if any of you could give me a brief overview of studying undergraduate medicine in AU. I know that a lot of it is mostly PBL based, but other than that, I don't know much about it. I'm still doing research about AU Unis!

    Also, how do I apply to the above unis? I heard that as an int'l applicant, I have to apply to the uni. directly... Is that true?


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