Australian MBBS --> UK?


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I am a non-EU citizen (also non-Australian) currently studying at under an Australian MBBS course.

Not sure if anyone on this forum has heard about it, but there's a large tide of medical students about to graduate with insufficient intern spots, thanks to masterminds of the Federal government, State health departments and independent universities.

Without an internship, you cannot continue to practice medicine in Australia because you won't receive registration. Of course those intern spots will be allocated to Australian citizens/PR's first, which means I'm screwed.

I heard a similar situation is happening with the UK starting this year (2011), with insufficient F1 spots for all eligible applicants, but the report seems to have also taken into account IMG's applying for F1.

I graduate end of 2012. I'll probably look into the PLAB, but I was wondering if anyone out there knows whether I even have a chance at all of grabbing an F1 in the UK?



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Been reading up on some info from GMC and BMA.

Seems like it's pretty much gonna be impossible for me to get anything anywhere.