Any tips for VR type 2 (free text) questions?

Discussion in 'UKCAT' started by Teki-domo, Aug 1, 2015.

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    Aug 1, 2015
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    Hi all,

    Just rescheduled my test for the end of the month, as I didn't feel like I was ready especially with the VR section.

    I've been practising the VR section on medify with success on the type 1 questions (True/False/Can't tell) at a reasonable time, but when I try to use the same strategy for the type 2 questions I fail miserably in that I'm unable to keep to the strict time limit and when I do I'm not able to answer correctly.

    Has anyone got any tips/strategies they used with success that they may share please?

    I'm currently using the strategy of identifying keywords from the statement and skim reading the passage.


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    Mar 24, 2009
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    Just practice, then you develop a style that works for you and your mind works.

    Some people read the passage first, the read the questions. there are pros and cons of either.

    Do you have a practice book like the 600 Questions one?

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