Any mature students currently at or starting at leicester??

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    Hi All,

    Im just clearing out under my stairs and have found a whole folder of leicester phase 1 practice papers. I could just throw them in the recycling and save myself the hassle but then i'd feel a bit bad as they could help someone.

    I would like to give them to a mature student who would ensure that the other mature students have them. By mature I mean properly mature, as in at least late 20's. This will sound rather pedantic and discriminatory but I shall explain. What happens on the course is that the younger students will all have access to past papers through friends, older siblings etc, they will pass them between each other but not onto the older students. I am also sorry to say that students that identify as belonging to different groups will also try to keep past papers within that group and not pass them on to help others (medicine is full of altruism). An older student who has their own life, friends, responsibilities etc away from medicine is likely to miss out. Myself and others didn't find out they even existed until 2nd year even though the group we spent each day with all had them, this was continually frustrating throughout the course.

    I dont know why the medical school don't just give them out to everyone. They are aware the students have them and according to one tutor purposefully reuse certain questions for statistical analysis each year based on the assumption that students already know the question. This is mighty unfair if you don't.

    So if you're an older student, perhaps with no other medical contacts and you're happy to pass them around and make sure no one else misses out they're here to be picked up.

    it really would be easier to bin them but I hope they can help someone. That said plenty of us got the top marks without ever having seen them, so it's not imperative at all, just a help for practice and knowing what kind of thing to expect, especially if you're new to education.

    drop me a line to arrange picking them up



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