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Hey wombledoctor,

Maybe... I thought it was some Japanese guy.. all I can really remember is that there is a pic of a baby with it's abdomen dissected.. ring any bells??



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Just because no-one has mentioned it I have to give master medicine - clinical anatomy by S. Monkhouse a shout (think he use to lecture at Notts). He has an engaging, witty writing style. Once you have a feel for general anatomy its great for focus. I think someone mentioned about the blue boxes in Moore and Dally - i agree totally - main reason I got it was for those bloody things.




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A lot of you seem to recommend "Clinically Oriented Anatomy" by Moore and Dalley. How does this compare to Essential Clinical Anatomy, a more concise version also by Moore and Dalley. Both have been suggested for my course but I can't decide between the two. I would be tempted to go for the more detailed one but coming from a non-science background I wonder if the latter would be more manageable. Has anyone had experience with both?

Thanks in advance for any advice.


Anatomy: Clinically Oriented Anatomy - Moore and Dalley. No point wasting money on a new edition, anatomy doesnt change.
Physiology: Vander's. Again, no need to get the latest copy, but this time would advise something from the last couple of editions.

Berne and Levy should be burned. No point for a clinical course. Too detailed and harder to interpret than the bible.

Edit: Would also suggest getting yourself a copy of an atlas. Netters 5th edition is a god send, if a little pricey.
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