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Yes, im quite aware of that however the courses are also for students who took the wrong courses..... like myself as you can see i said i dropped chemistry, before i took any exams

and im also aware that you'd ideally need to get AAA but thats what manchester offered me..... it's on another post somewhere


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Is this wrong...?


Random question, but perhaps someone is able to shed some light:

I'm an arts graduate, and when I first graduated I did Chemistry and Biology A-levels. I didn't take it all as seriously as I should have, mainly because I was working full-time at the time and I got an A and a B.

This is years ago and now I am definitely sure I want to do medicine, which I wasn't at the time. However, I'd like to take the Access course route. My question to anyone who might know is:

-Do I have to mention that I have already done A-levels in my application?
-Will my application automatically fail if I do (as I may look a bit thick)?
-If I don't mention it, is there any way they could stumble across this info on some database or other?

I obviously don't want to do something that is completely dishonest, and at the same time I want to give myself the best chance possible....I so badly want to get into medschool and I'm angry with myself for not getting the right grades first time around!

Would be so grateful for any advice.



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Hi :)
I just wanted to know, what access courses there are for A level students who don't think they will get the grades for medicine.


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Hellllp it wont let me post my new thread, just comes up with a weird code, so I have no choice to post it here before I go insane with worry...again!

Do you apply for medicine during or after you've completed your access course?

I only ask because access courses start in September for most colleges, and medical school UCAS forms have to be in by October, so how do you tell them your predicted grades? Sorry if i'm being dim but I don't get it, I plan to start my access course in 2010 and really worried i'll just have to spend another year waiting!

If i'm wrong tell me why, but please explain :)



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Hello everyone!

Hello everyone!

Thank you for all the answers! I am now a second year student nurse...I finished studying the ESOL course 2 years ago.....and I am planning to translate my GCSE's from my country to GCSE's in the my country there is not A the lady from NARIC told me that they will count the GCSE's as A levels as well...I have had practice in a hospital and I really liked it...I love nursing but I want to study medicine!....I saw many doctors in my practice and to see all of them and how they work...that encouraged me to go and do it!...I am planning to graduate with a BSc (Hons) in Adult Nursing....hoping to apply for medicine when I am finishing my third year...

Thanks again...and have a nice day!

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Hi just wondering, does anyone know whether on the courses with foundation year as year 0 ( same course as Sheffield ) you are obliged to follow on in the same uni on a six year course? Or are you free to apply elsewhere?

Also, what universities acknowledge the Lambeth course?

Thanks :)


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Hey guys!

Here at Peninsula we have an active student-led society called Widening Access to Medical School (WAMS). We don't want any student to feel like they are unable to apply to medicine because of their personal or school background. We think that the medical profession will miss out on awesome doctors if only the stereotypical "doctor" people apply! :D

We are a diverse medical school - students from comps, grammar schools, private schools... graduates, gappers, people who've worked for years first... those who apply with no science A-levels, international students... students who left other medical schools, and those of us who had to apply 2 or 3 times to get in!

So don't lose heart! If you're 100% committed to being a doctor, then keep trying but let us help you too!

We run workshops to inspire people to study medicine and inform them how to go about applying! We also help with personal statements, run mock interviews, visit career fairs, provide E-mentoring and more!

If you live or attend school/college in SOMERSET, DEVON or CORNWALL and would like us to visit or if you'd like a medical student to e-mentor you... get your social ed, 6th form, science or form tutors to contact us! Or you can email us direct & we'll sort something out :)

See our website here: WAMS | Widening Access to Medical School
Or email:


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Ive been invited to enrol onto the access to medicine, dentistry& applied sciences course at Lambeth College. Does anyone know anything more about the course? Has anyone completed this course and is now in med school? Admissions didnt give away much information.

Pre-med in need of help!!

Hey. I have applied there but still in waiting list but I want to ask you what type of questions they ask you while interviewing? If you don't mind, Can you please tell me?

Or can you please express some more information on by saying enrol? I think enrolment is when you pass the test and interview.

Thank you
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