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College of West Anglia, King's Lynn:
The College of West Anglia

City College, Norwich:
Learning Champions

Sussex Down's:
Sussex Downs College - Acces to Medicine at Sussex Downs College

Manchester College of Arts and Technology:
Access to HE Diploma (Medicine)*Courses Manchester

Lambeth College:
Course Detail

City College Islington:
City and Islington College - London's Leading College

Soton WAMP course:
University of Southampton School of Medicine

St Georges Foundation to Medicine:
Foundation Year Medicine

More info about SGHMS Foundation course. Kingston University:
Kingston University SGHMS Foundation Course

University of Sheffield Foundation year to Medicine:
Sheffield Foundation year for Medicine

University of Nottingham Foundation year to Medicine:
Lincoln/Nottingham University-medicine with foundation year

Bradford Clinical Sciences:
Clinical Sciences at the University of Bradford

Access course for entry to Liverpool:
Liverpool Access course]Liverpool University Access to Medicine

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might be worth looking at city and islington college website under course info for sciences the course is called medical, paramedical and human science access to h.e


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Another interesting Med school is at the
Oceania University of Medicine
It is based in Samoa but takes International Medical Students.
Some time is needed in Samoa but you can then continue in your home City if you get a clinical mentor to work with every week.

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If you get onto this course, then you are automatically on for the full six years, subject to you passing the year that is :) However, this policy is the same for all medical schools. :)


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Ive been invited to enrol onto the access to medicine, dentistry& applied sciences course at Lambeth College. Does anyone know anything more about the course? Has anyone completed this course and is now in med school? Admissions didnt give away much information.

Pre-med in need of help!!



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Hello people

i am currently doing my alevels, just finished my second year! and i don't feel confident in getting the correct grades for medical school!!!!! ahhhhhhh

does any at all know all of the possible and abl courses which i can do as an access to medicine? where the age limit is ok for 18!!

if you do know please could ya tell me appropite websites or courses and institutions for those!!!? if any could that would be a great help for me!

chris :p ;) :D :cool:


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Could anyone pleas pleas tell me when the deadline is for aaplying to access to medicine courses, such as the ones via colleges such as King's Lynn,Norwich and Manchester colleges etc...not the 6 yr medicine courses. Please let me know asap. Thanx :)


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I seem to have wandered out of my way a bit.. Basically I'm looking for a science access course to enable me to get into chiropractic, but can only find a 2 year part-time (1 full-time) at Peoples' College, Nottingham so far, locally. Does anybody know of any others - or a quicker way I can get knowledge in Chemistry, Biology and Physics? Would A/S levels be better for example, or is there a 1 year part-time access course? OpenUni?
I'd greatly appreciate any help, hope you don't mind me being here!


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I have a degree, but it's a Ba in Social Policy, 7 GCSE's at 'c' or above, incluiding a 'B' in 'Sciences' and A-Levels including a 'd' in Psychology - which is pretty terrible I know!


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andi got a distinction in my only foray as a mature student - i'm considerably more dedicated than when i was a bit younger! if that will help me...? oh, it was only a b-tech in Arboriculture, but included comprehensive plant and soil science sections.... mmm... not much help?!


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OK, thanks for your help.. Well I might try MarkBaron then... it is along way to commute though, and I must have missed the first semester/ term already? course looks interesting though... How do you know so much Tangliss??!!


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Oh plenty of experience. However, you have to apply through Ucas, for Sept 2006 start. Plus, I think the deadline is over, but I know people who applied late last year and got an offer.

Secondly, the course is a 6 year one. The first year is in Lincoln, with the remaining 5 years studying at Nottingham. If you have any Q's, feel free to ask.