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I didn't really know what forum to put this in, but basically all I want to do is medicine. I'm intelligent and know I can do it if I really want it, but i'm 18, and have just left the college. I was doing health and social care, but didn't just want to be a nurse, or a social worker. I did do Biology, Chemistry, Psychology and Philosophy and Ethics at AS level when I first left GCSE's but didn't do too well. I would like to know if there are any ways I can get into medicine without these qualifications, like a foundation course or something. It's mainly the Chem I struggled with but if I work hard enough I can achieve my goal!!!! I would be really grateful if somebody could reply to me or link me to something :) Thanks


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Hi Lucy

You might want to post your question somewhere where more people will see it

There are a number of foundation years linked to 5 year medical degree courses making the total study time 6 years but at your age you may struggle to be accepted as they are looking for 'mature' students (ie over 21) with career progression etc, or alternatively good A levels but not in sciences. They all have different admissions criteria.

I would personally suggest that you apply to a medicine access/foundation course: Liverpool(linked)/Manchester/College of West Anglia, and get some relevant work experience too. You then complete the access course in a year to a high standard and are as qualified as those with good science A levels.

Hope that helps a bit, sorry I'm not familiar with all the foundation year entrance requirements, you may be suitable for one or two but not the ones I've looked at (St Georges, Cardiff, Bristol)


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I just wanted to let everyone know about a great new foundation year that has started at The University of Liverpool. It is a six year programme leading to an MBChB.

Details of the course can be found on the following link: Undergraduate Courses - University of Liverpool

or on

School of Health Sciences - SCHOOL OF HEALTH SCIENCES - University of Liverpool

Applications are made directly to the university and not via UCAS. The course has guaranteed progression onto the first year of the five year medicine degree at Liverpool provided you pass the year with 70%.

The course is run in collaboration with Carmel College a local FE college.

The contact address at Carmel College is:


I am currently a student on the programme and thought it would be nice if more people knew about this great opportunity.



PS I think you can still apply for 2008/2009 entry.
This link goes to the course list so is this no longer available at Liverpool?