academic criteria to do M.D.

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hi PALS,
i'm doing my Bachelor of Physical therapy degree in India.Is it possible for me to do Doctorate of medicine in this university or any other university in USA after completing my course and getting through MCAT?
Very improbable without U.S. undergraduate work. As an absolute requirement, every U.S. medical school requires that the undergraduate degree be completed in the U.S. or in Canada. The only exception they make is if a student with a foreign bachelors degree completes 60-90 credits in the U.S. (2-3 years of course work), and applies with a competitive MCAT score. After that, international applicants are not eligible for federal loans to cover the cost of 4-year medical school tuition in the U.S. (>$120, 000). Usually international applicants to U.S. medical schools take this route for personal reasons.

Is there any way you could apply to the Indian MBBS programmes as a second undergraduate degree?