Aberdeen: What you really think

As I'm now more than halfway through 5th year, I see a lot of the threads on here are aimed towards the course etc, that's fair enough...turns out the course is pretty important, but for any up and coming freshers wanting a little insight into what Aberdeen is like, the vibe, pros, cons, and general areas to avoid...I felt it important for this thread to be born.

I've lived in Aberdeen my whole life (really lived the high life...not) and I think Aberdeen is given a bit of an injustice sometimes. 'Too cold', ''Too far away', 'Nothing up there', 'Too grey' or 'I hate Scottish people' tends to be the main reasons people steer away from this somewhat forgotten corner of the UK.

'Too cold' - Yes it is chilly up here, it's NE Scotland.

'Too far away' - It is a bit of trek to any main cities e.g. Glasgow, Edinburgh. But by train it's only a couple of hours...even less if you drive on the fringes of the law.

'Nothing up there' - Aberdeen has surprisingly a lot going for it, new stuff is cropping up everywhere, especially with the hospital; new Emergency Care Centre, Suttie Centre, new Maggie centre! Not only those exciting little gems for you to sink your teeth into, Donald Trumps new International golf course is on the outskirts of Aberdeen. Skiing areas not far away, new sports centre down at the links and Union Square (Ok, not quite the Trafford Centre, but still a wide array of shops and restaurants for Aberdonians to enjoy!)

'Too grey' - Granite is grey. Aberdeen is the granite city, it's going to be grey. Radioactive too. When the sun shines on it, it's silver, depends if you're pessimistic or optimistic.

'I hate Scottish people' - So do I sometimes, but we're lovely most of the time.

Cons - The music scene isn't as big as in Glasgow/Edinburgh, many bands tend to just miss Aberdeen out which can be frustrating! Torry (dodgy area). City centre isn't that large, so for any urbanites, it may be a bit of a damp squib. The accent/dialect (Doric) can be hard to understand if you're not used to it!

Pros - Great nightlife, lovely grounds at King's College, many pretty buildings (Marischal college being one), great sports facilities, nice atmosphere, friendly people and a lovely beach.

I realise my opinions quite bias being from Aberdeen, but I just thought it would be interesting to hear other people's honest opinion of the city!


Great if you work in the oil industry, otherwise mediocre. I'd trade Aberdeen in for Edinburgh or Glasgow most days of the week, and if the investment in Dundee works out then Aberdeen might then take 4th place in my heart :p